The Moto Mayhem Story

Grand Junction, CO - Montrose, CO - Delta, CO - Eagle, CO
My eyes squint from the bright sun, a breeze rushes over my face just as I put my helmet on. I secure the straps and start my bike. I don't know what's louder, my heart pounding or the roar of the dirt bikes! As my fellow competitors and I eagerly anticipate the start of the race, I focus on a strong race and really having fun. Dirt Bike Racing is exciting on so many levels! As a kid, these were the family, fun-filled memories and weekend days that fueled my passion to do more, and as an adult, it's these cumulative memories that drive me to bring the opportunity of motorcycle and off-road racing to other kids and families throughout Colorado.

As a father of two young boys, it has been a dream to create a weekend activity and event that is family-orientated, community-driven with an underlying mission to teach and instill basic values of community, leadership, and sportsmanship. After many conversations, dreams and plans, 2014 proved to be the beginning of something not only the community, but also local, and family-owned businesses and sponsors would look forward to.

October 2014 was indeed the beginning of something incredibly special. With the help of co-founder, Morgan Spradling, it was the first race Moto Mayhem put on! It was the perfect intertwining of the community and off-road racing!

Moto Mayhem was created with the sole intention of bringing an affordable, family-orientated, "Enduro-X" style racing series to the community in which we thrived. I believe as racing parents; we are directly responsible for the next generation of caring and respectful children and racers. It is my passion to help as many kids as possible share the experiences of dirt bikes and racing. I also strongly believe that when a child is shown how a caring, community-driven group of people interacts with one another, they are more likely to become a productive part of the same and other communities.

With much heart, sweat, determination and support, this series got off the ground, and we forged a path to bring 6 more races in 2015. With another year in the books, we have planned an amazing 2016 with 7 races, 4 new venues, and many new exciting features, obstacles and venues. In addition, we have expanded past Montrose, CO, into Meeker, Hotchkiss, Rifle and Eagle, CO!

We hope that our story ignites a passion within you, so you too can experience the fun-filled, family-orientated weekend Enduro-X off-road racing Moto Mayhem has to offer!

See you at the races!


Times are subject to change due to the nature of racing. Please check back for updates
8:00 AM - Gates Open
10:00 AM - Kids Practice 50cc-85cc short track
11:30 AM - Kids Racing Starts 50cc-85cc short track
1:00 PM - Adult Practice 85cc-Pro Main track
3:00 PM - Adult Racing Begins 85cc-pro main track
Results - Results will be posted within 1 hour after the race, once race results are posted, there is a 30 min dispute period.


Without these dedicated and wonderful sponsors Moto Mayhem would be just a dream; please support these businesses as they support us!

If you would like to become a sponsor for the year 2018, please see our sponsorship packages here: 2018 Sponsor Packet

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